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    30 Gluten-Free Recipes When it comes to the ocean’s food web, phytoplankton are the foundation. But what is plankton? Our organic cultivating method is extremely rigorous, with all kinds of checks and balances to eliminate the possibility of contamination. & detox juicing guide. Once it’s opened, you have 90 full days to consume it to maximize its benefits. Scientists have studied the benefits of marine phytoplankton to humans for decades, but up until now, no one has had the technology to extract it from the ocean for human consumption. Oxytive Marine Phytoplankton are a multi-species marine phytoplankton that have been selected for its benefits to humans. Marine phytoplankton powder or marine phytoplankton supplements, are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Online vendors of phytoplankton supplements describe it as containing every nutrient that human bodies need. Specifically, participants reported feeling full of life, feeling lots of energy, and feeling calm and peaceful. Ways to Protect Marine Life. They dash into our cells and release their rich nutrients, which are instantly absorbed by our system. Health care professionals warn against anyone relying solely upon supplements to obtain vitamins and mineral alone, and not consuming a balanced diet. To put it another way, our. - however, have some [Read More]. What Happens When You Take Marine Phytoplankton? The EPA in phytoplankton is packed with polar lipids, which are a particular type of Omega-3 (PUFAs) with can be easily absorbed by mammals. To make it easier to use you can mix it with water or add it to a seafood or meat-based stock. The Marine Phytoplankton is estimated to occupy approximately 25 percent of the earth's vegetation. Marine Phytoplankton is a micro-algae supplement that can offer amazing health benefits due to the incredible nutritional value delivered by its marine phytoplankton component. The biggest risk with phytoplankton supplements is toxin presence. Omega-3 fatty acids are especially important to heart health, but unfortunately, the body can’t make them on its own so you need to make sure you consume enough. Our four-legged pets can also enjoy many benefits from nutrients within raw marine phytoplankton powder. To put it another way, our marine phytoplankton is completely safe to use. Enthusiasts tout marine phytoplankton as the next important superfood. Like seaweed, phytoplankton are not actually plants. The detour allows our body to extract much more of the essential trace minerals and other vital properties than if it went through the normal processing factories. Right after it’s harvested, our marine phytoplankton is put into a sea mineral solution, which stabilizes it in a fresh, raw state. In recent years, humans have been feasting on these precious benefits, too! Papain: Beneficial Enzyme or Commercial Fad? There are many different species, and each species has a specific shape. The omega-3 fatty acids from marine phytoplankton do not contain dangerous mercury, or any of the other potentially problematic minerals that can be found in fish and fish oil. When populations grow explosively,this is known as a bloom. are clickable links to medically peer-reviewed studies. After knowing the benefits of marine life to humans, then you also need to check the ways to protect marine life in order keeping the balance life. This seaweed cousin may be the answer to what’s been ailing you or what might ail you in the future. The highlight of the research was a single-celled plankton called dinoflagellates, which has been shown to have cancer-killing potential in National Cancer Institute tests. The subjects who took the phtyoplankton supplement during this randomized, placebo-controlled study showed significant increases in scores on the emotional subscale of the SF36. Organic marine phytoplankton is something so easy to add to your daily routine, you won’t feel guilty about splurging at a holiday feast, or joining in a celebratory meal with family and friends. It supports your heart: Marine phytoplankton can do wonders for your heart. They are permitted to take a detour around the liver and digestive system. Our team includes licensed nutritionists and dietitians, certified health education specialists, as well as certified strength and conditioning specialists, personal trainers and corrective exercise specialists. You can also add it to your smoothies, salad dressings, homemade stocks and broths, and more. Our body is a super machine, but when toxins begin to clog our four major internal systems, we can expect to see some breakdowns. Improvement in Depression Symptoms. If you notice symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop use immediately. If you want to use it in any hot dishes, make sure to add it at the end. These trace minerals can boost many biological and enzyme functions in a dog by aiding in digestion, helping to regulate hormones, and keeping the thyroid in good health. 100 milligrams of phytoplankton is delivered through each serving, allowing you to gain the benefits of this nutrient rich … Then seal it tight to keep it moisture free. Many people think that phytoplankton are ocean plants or a seaweed. Human beings, unlike animals, are lacking the digestive enzymes in their stomachs to break down the silica cell wall of Phytoplankton and benefit from any potential nutrients inside. Formulated from plankton harvested in Nanaimo by marine farmer Tom Harper, Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton available through Island Healthworks apply a patented process that makes the nutrients in Alpha CMP3 Marine Phytoplankton bioavailable to humans. They also advise that before you take any supplement, you first check with your physician to make sure the contents will not cause any adverse reactions with any prescriptions you may be currently taking. I just recently wrote on blog on the many benefits of Marine Phytoplankton. Phytoplankton can be absorbed on a cellular level, so the body doesn’t have to rely on the digestive system or liver for processing. This can even extend to slowing down memory loss. It’s said that phytoplankton is the best bioavailable source of superoxide dismutase (SOD). ), Omega-3 essential fatty acids (both EPA and DHA). (160 ml), Chaga Mushroom - Loose Tea Bag Cut (Canadian, 1/2 lb), Face Mask - Organic Cotton - Blue w/ String Ties, Face Mask - Organic Cotton - Pink w/ String Ties, Glycerin Soap (Red Pine Needle Oil & Organic Olive Oil), Siberian Chaga Mushroom and Wild Herb Concentrated Probiotics, Y.S. Optimally Organic marine phytoplankton supplements also enables the body to cleanse naturally, without any negative side effects! EPA is a vital element that can help to increase our energy levels, while enhancing the circulatory system and improving brain function. Adding a marine phytoplankton supplement to your diet may be able to help your mood, making it a strong addition to any depression diet treatment plan. You may wonder if it’s even safe to add marine phytoplankton to your diet, considering the possible contamination by foreign elements. Marine Phytoplankton is 100% vegan in origin, offering the highest known plant levels of phospholipid EPA. Always store phytoplankton products in a cool, dry place. Phytoplankton can be found as a supplement in liquid form, but you can also get it in capsule or powdered form as well. Diets high in refined sugars, soda, processed foods and poor quality animal protein all lead to acidity in the body. Holistic Bin Canine Super Greens Human Grade Blend of Marine Phytoplankton Powder, Spirulina, Chlorella, Fermented Barley Grass. Since the composition and flavor are similar, however, we highly recommend you use with caution. are clickable links to these studies. The omega-3 fatty acids from marine phytoplankton do not contain dangerous mercury, or any of the other potentially problematic minerals that can be found in fish and fish oil. You’ll need to realize that when producers start to process marine phytoplankton, it can quickly lose its nutritional value. For one thing, when the detox king – the liver – is in overdrive, our metabolism is disrupted. They’re responsible for feeding everything from microscopic zooplankton to blue whales. 1/2 teaspoon) of our pure powder into your preferred beverage and mixed in water, juice, or smoothie daily. Are There Any Side Effects To Marine Phytoplankton? It contains more than 65 compounds, including all the amino acids, all the essential fats, vitamins, key minerals, trace elements, rare antioxidants, phospholipids, electrolytes, nucleic acids, enzymes and coenzymes. No sufficient information is currently available to indicate if this is allergy-friendly to those who are allergic to shellfish. To get really specific on the true phytoplankton definition, they’re neither clearly plants nor animals. I was one of the first distributors in the US. Phytoplankton are rich in amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids (specifically EPA and DHA). Organisms That Have Existed For Over 3 Billion Years! With Optimally Organic, you will never have to worry. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. Marine phytoplankton contain a bountiful supply of trace minerals which can enhance absorption. Aside from giving the ocean its pretty green color, marine phytoplankton is a vegan-safe, micro-algae that can be compared to other nutritional algae like spirulina and chlorella, but phytoplankton might be even more potent and amazing. To be sure, there are a number of benefits of marine phytoplankton. Can Replace Toxic Fish Oils. Be sure to refrigerate your packet after it’s been opened. This is proof they are crucial for all of humanity. Our team aims to be not only thorough with its research, but also objective and unbiased. Derived from the Greek words phyto (plant) and planktos (wandering), phytoplankton are not ocean plants but single-celled aquatic organisms that can be found in both salt and freshwater environments. SOD is the body’s most powerful antioxidant enzyme that plays a critical role in reducing oxidative damage and inflammation, and it’s been shown to be an effective heavy metal detox agent. The only time you’re likely to see them is when they’re present in large numbers. One of these studies, conducted by professor Yuzuru Shimizu at the University of Rhode Island, evaluated sea-based organisms that exhibit anti-tumor properties. An easy way to to incorporate phytoplankton into your daily meals is to put a few drops into a smoothie. It can even be added to your canine’s cuisine. Get to know Karen Phytoplankton. (10). This not only helps the body obtain necessary nutrients when liver function is impaired, but can help restore liver health without taxing the body’s detoxification pathways. This kind of plankton thrive along coastlines and continental shelves, along the equator in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and in high-latitude areas. Since the liver works nonstop to filter blood, produce protein, metabolize fats, carbs and proteins, it can take a much-needed respite when nutrients are absorbed cellularly. Clinical trials do not support any alleged benefits of phytoplankton supplements. Fish aren’t born with high levels of omega-3 fats. well it’s got high … When they are clustered together, they are called phytoplankton. If you currently take medication or have any ongoing medical condition, speak with your doctor before taking phytoplankton supplements. Potential Anti-Cancer Effects. People taking marine phytoplankton have shown higher levels of CD3 in their blood. Therefore, you will find most plankton products blended with seaweeds and other greens to yield possible nutritional benefits for humans. It has also been linked to improving memory, enhancing our mood, boosting our immune, circulatory and nervous systems. T cells help eliminate viruses and bacteria from the body so if phytoplankton increases T cell levels, then there is a direct positive effect on the immune system. It contains an abundance of trace minerals such as manganese, copper and iron. We’ve all watched in horror at how our beautiful oceans are becoming cesspools. The plant is unique in how rapidly it can reproduce itself; this makes it a sustainable food source for marine life as well as humans. 1, 2, Wow, I'm only taking 5 drops 2 times a day.i don't seem to need as much sleep and when I wake up I'm not as groggy.I don't eat as much but have more energy...What the heck? Unlike plants and vegetables growing on dry land, algae have the benefit of an ocean environment submersed in minerals and vital amino acids. This Dr. Axe content is medically reviewed or fact checked to ensure factually accurate information. The reviews on amazon were all for it so I just got the x350, [Read More]. Phytoplankton and Human Health Marine phytoplankton has this same oxygenating and detoxifying effect on the body as it does on the ocean. Nannochloropsis gaditana is able to multiply explosively, which is why it’s believed it can help humans restore their health so quickly at a cellular level. Our bodies are unable to produce these critical fatty acids, but marine phytoplankton supplements can supply us with an abundance of this essential key to a healthful and happy life. In the near future, phytoplankton could likely become a key aspect of space travel as a source for food and for gas exchange. This strain possesses the largest amount of nutritional value on the planet. Detox Your Liver: Try My 6-Step Liver Cleanse, MCT Oil Health Benefits, Dosage Recommendations and Recipes, Bone Broth Benefits for Digestion, Arthritis and Cellulite, Chia Seeds Benefits: The Omega-3, Protein-Packed Superfood, 9 Proven Black Seed Oil Benefits that Boost Your Health, Top 15 Potassium-Rich Foods to Start Eating Today, Dangers of Energy Drinks + Healthy Alternatives to Boost Alertness, 47 Terrific Leftover Turkey Recipes for After Thanksgiving, Eucalyptus Leaves Benefits, Uses & Side Effects (Plus How to Grow), How to Carve a Turkey: Step-by-Step Guide (Plus Recipes! Their function hasn’t just been to supply a buffet for sea creatures for the past few billion years. Even more significantly, marine phytoplankton conduct about half of the Earth's photosynthesis, producing oxygen and drawing down carbon dioxide. Oxytive Marine Phytoplankton is the only algae supplement that is third party tested in toxicity and potency. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You can purchase it at your local health store or online. When it comes to keeping your heart healthy, these are some of the top things that you want to get on a daily basis from your diet and supplements. (7). Surpassing even spirulina and chlorella, the marine phytoplankton benefits are numerous and give it the title of the ultimate superfood. 12 Health Benefits of Phytoplankton 1. In order for a dog’s food to be processed and converted into energy, it must first be broken down by the digestive system. It for sure does boost [Read More], I began taking fulvic ionic minerals for only 3 weeks and it has literally changed my life. Very handy if you like to brew your own tea! Has it been captured from infested waters? by Michael Wright,. Many chronically depressed patients have reported improvements in their symptoms... 2. Recommendations: It’s simple to mix it with anything you drink every day: water, juice or even your smoothie. First, you will want to verify that the marine phytoplankton is raw. The first major benefit is that this supplement is incredibly high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The amazing super food, Marine Phytoplankton is now bioavailable for humans. Eco Bee Farms Propolis & Herbs Tincture Spray. (5), Researchers and scientists have added it to the list of superfoods like spirulina, chlorella and astaxanthin for good reason. Just some of its many benefits include: At Optimally Organic, you have our guarantee that no toxins ever encounter our marine phytoplankton powder or supplements. Dogs can receive Omega-3 fatty acid to support their joint health and immune system. The benefits of marine phytoplankton are superabundant! These are the hormonal and immune systems, along with the liver and gut. Just like your dog, … But fisheries aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits … In fact, NASA called Marine Phytoplankton the most important plant in the world, providing almost all of the Earth’s oxygen and serving as a vital food supply for marine life (and humans!). Like other plants, phytoplankton take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Reviewing the Benefits and Downsides of Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton Oceans Alive is an oral supplement that promises to trigger the development of new cells by providing the body with over a hundred essential nutrients and trace minerals. Optimally Organic does not offer a special packet just for dogs, so just add half a gram or a gram of your own powder to your dog’s food. As with any supplement, there is always a risk of something encountering what is naturally grown and cultivated, including toxins. Phytoplankton absorb energy from the sun (photosynthesis) and nutrients from the water to produce their own food. Right off the bat I have to tell you I have been cleared by my doctor for trying this new product. You have to try this nutritional powerhouse of a salad dressing: Super Green Marine Phytoplankton Dressing. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of marine phytoplankton is its unique ability to... 3. Although the benefits of phytoplankton are indisputable. The National Marine Fisheries Service estimates that the commercial value of fisheries in the United States is over $100 million. Optimally Organic understands the importance of preserving the purity of marine phytoplankton, while others may not. It is one of the greatest sources of omega 3 fatty acid EPAs on the planet! NASA has referred to marine phytoplankton as one of the most beneficial plants on earth. Optimally Organic manufactures and refines only the best strain of marine phytoplankton. In the past two years I have been given the sentence of hypothyroidism and bursitis in both hips. By using our pristine method of organically cultivating our Marine Phytoplankton, contamination is not something you will ever need to worry about it. Glycerin Soap (Red Pine Needle & Olive Oils), Red Pine Needle Oil - Vegan Caps - 30 Count, Optimally Organic marine phytoplankton supplements, Castile Soap - Sweet Orange - 34oz. The SF36 is a patient-reported survey used to determine a patient’s functional health and well-being. 98 ($0.20/Gram) 15% coupon applied at checkout Save 15% with coupon. The Truth About Marine Phytoplankton! This life-giving substance also has interesting science behind it that suggests a possibility in having the ability to raise consciousness.. Related Study: Supplementing With Spirulina Helps Modulate Body Weight and Appetite By consuming phytoplankton, you quickly and easily increase both your EPA and DHA levels, helping reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. It makes up about 25% of all vegetation on the planet, but is unique in how quickly it can reproduce itself, making it a highly sustainable food source. Phytoplankton is impressively loaded with life-promoting nutrients, including: Phytoplankton also has an alkaline pH. In this situation, some types of phytoplankton will appear as colored patches on the water’s surface. Weight Loss. There are also bacterioplankton, which play a key role in absorbing nutrients dissolved in the water. If you’re pregnant, breast-feeding or have an autoimmune disease, it’s best to avoid any algae supplements. The contents of marine phytoplankton is also worth investigating for its literal treasure trove of crucial antioxidants. Your dog can also benefit from the myriad of nutrients in Marine Phytoplankton. Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) They are known for this product, you notice lasting benefits from the first use! Zooplankton and other small marine creatures eat phytoplankton and then become food for fish, crustaceans, and other larger species. Even mothers who breastfeed can enjoy this! As the basis for all life formed on Earth, plankton’s history goes back more than 3 billion years. For billions of years, marine phytoplankton has been responsible for balancing the ecosystem of the ocean. There are a wide range of benefits of marine phytoplankton that are well worth keeping in mind: Marine phytoplankton is conveniently available in a powder or supplement form. Phytoplankton make their energy through photosynthesis, the process of using chlorophyll and sunlight to create energy. With strict editorial sourcing guidelines, we only link to academic research institutions, reputable media sites and, when research is available, medically peer-reviewed studies. It occupies a great deal of real estate inside the rib cage because it is the largest organ in the human body (the largest organ is the skin). However, if this is too strong for you, it can be added to water, coconut water or a small amount of juice. The Amazon Rainforest only produces 20 percent. Factories dump pollutants, vessels spill their contents, causing, among other catastrophes, massive oil spills. Failing to do so regularly will allow all types of dirt and foreign objects to accumulate. The majority of them are too tiny to be individually viewed with the naked eye. How? In fact, several researchers believe it is vital for the future of natural medicine due to the hundreds of synergistic elements in phytoplankton. Vegan … Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. This article is based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by our trained editorial staff. Protein Smoothie with Marine Phytoplankton, Super Green Marine Phytoplankton Dressing, Algal Oil: A Vegetarian Source of Omega-3s and DHA, Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits and Uses (30!). According to a Harvard Heart Letter, the “marine fatty acids” known as EPA and DHA have a number of potential heart benefits, including easing inflammation, ensuring a steady heartbeat, preventing the formation of dangerous or even deadly blood clots, and lowering triglyceride levels. Dr. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world...Sign up to get VIP access to his eBooks and valuable weekly health tips for FREE! They are the greatest oxygen generator in the world, providing 70 to 80 percent of oxygen for the entire planet! Providing essential amino acids and fatty acids that the body needs to build healthy cell walls that … This is an easy fear to assuage. (1) These micro-organisms are responsible for creating planet Earth’s atmosphere and allowing life to flourish so just imagine what they might be able to do for your health! When it comes to where to buy marine phytoplankton supplements, you’ve come to the right place! (8). Phytoplankton is the stuff that shellfish eat – marine microalgae invisible to the human eye. (6). It's no coincidence that the composition of human plasma is similar to that of seawater. People with shellfish allergies will have an adverse reaction to Marine Phytoplankton. But, it will be such a wise way to keep the balance. All living organisms and life forms on Earth depend on maintaining appropriate pH levels, and it’s often said that disease and disorder cannot take root in a body that has a balanced pH. The liver is the king of detox. Contains many elements that have been noted to assist with brain functionality. When isolated, these little drifters are too small to notice, but when they accumulate in large groups near the surface of the water, these plantlike communities are quite evident. You may wonder if it’s even safe to add marine phytoplankton to your diet, considering the possible contamination by foreign elements. Build a Strong Immune System to Protect against any VIRUS with Marine Phytoplankton Marine Phytoplankton 90 Veggie Caps. In a U.S. Food and Drug Administration publication titled “Drugs of the … These plankton are the self-feeding, plant-like components of the plankton community while the animal-like plankton community is known as zooplankton. SOD is a human’s most effective and powerful antioxidant enzyme. The information in our articles is NOT intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Over reliance on land-based food sources often leads to … The pain and fatigue from both these diagnoses I have had to … A bloom can last for several weeks, but the typical life span of individual phytoplankton is rarely longer than a few days. I highly suggest purchasing a liquid, non-GMO, raw, unprocessed marine phytoplankton supplement with no fillers. You will also want to know from where the phytoplankton was cultivated. Benefits of Marine Phytoplankton The elements and electrolytes in plankton are almost tailor- made for the human body. Note that the numbers in parentheses (1, 2, etc.) What does that mean really. Stir 1 gram (approx. Benefits Cellular Energy. Optimally Organic’s marine phytoplankton originates in Holland, and its grade surpasses any other on earth. The sea mineral solution also comes with its own list of health benefits, such as delivering more oxygen to your cells, promoting healthy blood pH balance and nerve impulse regulation. Moreover, the Great Barrier Reef generates more than $1.5 billion every year for the Australian economy. For example, it can make a great addition to a seafood risotto recipe, but add it after the risotto has been removed from the stove. $19.98 $ 19. It is innovated the process for DNA tests in multi-species formulas. Phytoplankton form the basis of most oceanic food webs , thereby providing the food that is ultimately transferred up food chains to fish and shellfish. High in nutrition and health benefits just like their environmental friends sea vegetables, phytoplankton are bursting with nano-sized nutrient particles that are easily absorbed by the body and readily available for use at the cellular level. The one-celled marine phytoplankton can be absorbed directly into cells, transporting a wealth of essential properties. Millions of sea whales – from whales to clams to sponges - have been gobbling down marine phytoplankton and utilizing their nutrients for millions and millions of years. SOD has numerous responsibilities including protecting cells and removing potentially harmful toxins from the body. You won’t find either of those qualities with a lot of the marine phytoplankton on the market. I have been looking for the raw cocoa beans in the stores and have been using the 85 percent that is all I can find. Two main purposes of Vitamin B-12 is for the development of the brain, and the healthy production of red blood cells. Our blood is mostly water, but what’s pretty cool is that fact that plasma (the watery portion of blood) contains levels of salt and other ions that’s incredibly similar to sea water. Marine Phytoplankton Growing Conditions & Process, By using our pristine method of organically cultivating our Marine Phytoplankton, contamination is not something you will ever need to worry about it. Imagine never changing your car’s oil or air filter. Not only does it have this marine plankton, but it also has ginger, fresh herbs and nutritional yeast among other healthy ingredients. In our pristine, contaminant-free laboratory, the strain from the marine Phytoplankton is carefully placed in a long glass tube. There are several factors that can be highlighted to emphasize this fact. These blooms are truly toxic and even deadly to both marine life and humans. This is rapidly becoming one of the most popular health supplements on the market today. (2), In a U.S. Food and Drug Administration publication titled “Drugs of the Deep: Treasures of the Sea Yield Some Medical Answers and Hint at Others,” author John Henkel discusses some promising cancer research involving plankton. Patients undergoing chemotherapy should avoid any supplements, as they may be at risk for drug reactions. Some of them are: Since these organisms are so tiny, they can zip around with no speed restrictions. You can add it to pretty much any smoothie recipe you like. One area that products derived from it for dogs have been criticized is that of pricing. Some clues that may signal that a detox is in order are: fatigue, obesity, and inability to sleep well. From the science behind it to the difference between other brands to real life testimonials, visit our site to get all the info you need on marine phytoplankton. This sighting is made possible by the coloring due to the presence of chlorophyll within phytoplankton’s cells as well as other pigments like phycobiliproteins and xanthophylls. Imagine how much our bodies could benefit from something so potent! It is an amazing natural superfood. I was looking to not feel so drained and to kinda clean my system out naturally. Omega -3 has a sweeping role in keeping our heart functioning properly, and it can even help to build up your resistance to developing heart disease. Our special process removes the offensive smell, while also eliminating that fishy taste. Blooms can cover hundreds of square kilometers and are easily visible in satellite images. The carbon dioxide given off by spacecraft personnel’s breathing would be transformed into organic substances by them, while the oxygen exuded during this process would support human respiration. When it’s toxic, like in the case of phytoplankton blooms, it can cause massive fish die-offs and also contaminate seafood with toxins. They’re better described as protists, which is any member of a group of diverse eukaryotic, predominantly unicellular microscopic organisms. This Protein Smoothie with Marine Phytoplankton has a nice mix of protein, fat and antioxidants. The amount of CD3 in the bloodstream is indicative of the presence of T cells or T-lymphocytes, which are essential for human immunity. The contents of marine phytoplankton is also worth investigating for its literal treasure trove of crucial antioxidants. Hopefully studies will continue, but so far the evidence points toward its potential to kill cancer, improve heart health, lift the mood, improve overall immunity and more. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. After billions of years promoting life on Earth, it’s currently available to us in supplement form to possibly improve internal, external and mental health. One ingredient in the secret sauce of marine phytoplankton’s strength is its major antioxidant: Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)2. Even the smallest particles can interrupt the normal processes. You too need to check in with your doctor before you try anything new. (4), Marine phytoplankton can have the same oxygenating and detoxifying effects on the body as it does on the ocean. The strain is called Nannochloropsis gaditana, and it’s pretty mind-blowing how such a tiny organism — many times smaller than a red blood cell — can hold such amazing health-giving power. Many have overlooked the valuable riches that these microscopic plankton organisms have been hoarding. I'm so glad you have the raw bean and cant wait to eat them!! (3), Furthermore, marine phytoplankton have also been shown to have anti-cancer effects thanks to the antioxidant content, making them potential natural cancer treatment options. We grow it in a photo-bioreactor under the strictest of guidelines imposed by the European Union. A team of European botanists, doctors and microbiologists discovered an incredible strain of marine phytoplankton that’s said to hold the greatest nutritional value for human consumption. (9). A pilot study conducted at the University of Utah shows significant improvements in subjects’ depression symptoms after regularly taking this supplement. Most consumers felt that it came at a much higher price point than other closely related products that provide similar health benefits for canines. We’ve all watched in horror at how our beautiful oceans are becoming cesspools. Learn about Umac-Core's Marine Phytoplankton supplement and all the associated health benefits. Algae benefits begins with weight loss, as it’s been shown to aid weight loss efforts, … oz. (1 liter ), Castile Soap - Sweet Orange - 5.3 fl. Consequently, the engine won’t function at optimal levels. Marine phytoplankton can also help with mineral deficiency in pets. If you’re looking to follow a more alkaline diet, phytoplankton can be a great daily addition. As a human, you can take the benefits of marine life such as the source of food, transportation, and many more. A special type of Dutch dune water is added, then the tubes are placed beneath UV lights. It’s highly important to get supplements from a reputable company that follows stringent guidelines to avoid a supplement containing a toxin-producing species of plankton or a plankton that has been harvested from toxin-tainted waters. Optimally Organic’s raw marine phytoplankton powder or supplements have the capacity to provide such assistance. Marine phytoplankton has a number of benefits for dogs and cats. After seeing the results with my son’s eczema and my improvement in health, I decided to distribute Marine Phytoplankton. Without these powerhouses from the sea, planet earth would not be here; they played a vital role in its inception. Supplementing with phytoplankton can strengthen cell membranes and trigger your body to regenerate current cells and create healthy new cells. Clinical studies in 2008 from the Department of Health Promotion and Education at the University of Utah showed a significant increase in antigen-fighting cells in the bodies of test participants and a significant increase in participants’ feelings of physical and psychological well being. If you’re looking for phytoplankton the next time you go swimming, it’s not likely you’ll see any. We bring to you Mr. Ros Marine Phytoplankton's health supplement, the superfood that supports virtually every system of the body. The presence of too many toxins may overload the liver, and reinforcements are needed. Factories dump pollutants, vessels spill their contents, causing, among other catastrophes, massive oil spills.

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