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    MOD Lifecycle Replacement Project



    Oxhey Hall were initially contracted by one of the RPC contractors to assist with the life cycle replacement programme of works comprising 66 projects across 23 military bases.

    The client stipulation was that all of the projects had to be scoped and priced within a 2 month period to receive the required funding.

    In order to achieve this Oxhey Hall Consulting instigated a managed project solution. A detailed programme of works and process document was developed and a team of consultants allocated across the region, reporting back, virtually on a daily basis.

    A statement of need document was obtained which indicated the project requirement and this was discussed with the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) in order to ascertain more detailed requirements.


    “Oxhey Hall Consulting instigated a fully managed project solution.  This included a detailed programme of works and new process enabling the team of consultants to report back, virtually on a daily basis.”

    The proposed works were inspected and a scope produced which was submitted for approval. In order to maintain the momentum, while the approval process was underway, meetings were arranged with the nominated sub-contractors to review the works, obtain any specialist knowledge that they may have and obtain quotations for the installation.

    Following receipt of the quotations a value for money exercise was carried out, generally assessing against published or historical data, and submitted for approval.

    Dependent upon the value of the project, various levels of adjudication were carried out prior to the final submission of the project cost to the DIO.

    A fully detailed report was produced and constantly updated which was issued on a weekly basis and issues discussed on weekly conference calls.

    The report detailed the visit dates, scope submittal and approval dates, enquiry issue and return dates, value for money submittal dates and all this information was collated to produce ‘S’ curves to visually compare progress against planned.

    The result was that all of the projects were successfully submitted within the timescales stipulated and when the next allocation of funding was released for a minor new works programme the RPC contractor was allocated approximately 80% of the fund.


    Carillion Amey LogoDefence Infrastructure Organisation

    • Number of Projects: 66 100% 100%
    • Military Bases: 23 100% 100%

    MOD RPC Contractor

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