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    Technological Innovation is a key driver for Oxhey Hall. We have the knowledge and experience to maximise the use of technology to bring advantage and efficiency. Our in-house development capability allows us to tailor our solutions to meet client needs.

    Innovative Approach

    From building custom databases and modelling complex data, to ensuring the efficient and accurate collection of survey data, Oxhey Hall have the capability to develop solutions for a wide range of needs. Combining this with our in-depth hard services knowledge and commercial expertise, it makes a powerful offering.

    Mobile Tablet Survey Solution

    Our tablet survey solution is developed in house with our surveyors to ensure consistent high quality output, saving up to 50% of survey time over traditional methods.

    • Time Saving: up to 50% of survey time saved over traditional methods
    • Oxhey Hall In-house Product: No licence fees
    • Efficient: Dynamic forms prompt surveyor for specific information per asset type
    • Customisable: Ability to use customer-specific categorisations or location data
    • Photos: Multiple photos automatically attached to relevant asset detail
    • Asset Tagging: Multiple methods of asset tagging supported
    • Consistency & Integrity: Full validation controls to ensure accuracy of data
    • Offline Use: Fully usable offline for no-signal zones
    Mobile Tablet Asset DetailMobile Tablet Asset Data

    Reporting and Data Modelling

    Our portal is fully customisable to reflect the reporting requirements and of each commission. Extensive import and validation tools are provided to centralise information, facilitating regular review and cleansing. The data is your data and is made available for import into CAFM systems or standalone asset management databases.  

    • Portal: Secure central online facility for access and analysis of asset information
    • Cleansing: Simple online tools available for validating and cleansing captured data
    • Modelling: Ability to model lifecycle data to inform capital expenditure and investment decisions
    • Output: Standard exports plus customisable output in customer formats, including charts and asset photographs

    All reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel, .csv or custom client requested formats. Reports include a variety of embedded information including photographs, text, charts, etc.

    Home Office
    Home Office
    Defence Industry Organisation
    Woking Borough Council
    Ministry of Justice
    Hackney Borough Council
    Department of Defence
    Peterborough City Council
    National Grid
    Portsmouth Hospitals
    Kirklees Schools
    Walsall Hospitals
    NHS Trust
    Coventry University
    Wright Robinson College
    University of Bristol
    Imperial College London
    Imperial College London
    First Group Asset Condition Survey
    First Group Asset Condition Survey
    Berkeley Group
    Nationwide Building Society
    Design Museum
    MS Amlin

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