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    Getting Started with Aspect

    Working Offline

     Great News! Unlike many other ‘mobile’ survey solutions, Oxhey Hall’s ‘Aspect’ is designed for offline working! You DO NOT need access to the internet in order to use the product and carry our surveys. The tablet device will synchronise data with the central data-centre when an internet connection is available. You will however need access to the internet to login (authenticate) and synchronise records to the central database from time to time. The application can be used on devices Apple (iOS), Android, Microsoft and also from any web-browser.


    Logging in and Password Reset

    When opening the ‘Aspect’ application a loading screen will very briefly be displayed:

    Aspect Loading Screen

    Following the loading page you will be presented with a login screen. Your username will have been provided on invitation to use the product. You will have had the opportunity to choose your own secure password. You have the opportunity to login or reset your password via this screen:

    Login Screen

    If you need to reset your password tap the ‘Account Recovery’ link. You will be asked to input your email address:

    Account Recovery

    After you have provided your email address, please check you email inbox for instructions showing how to reset your password.

    Initial Jobs Screen

    The first screen presented following login is the list of Jobs page:

    Job List Screen

    From this screen you can either search and select jobs, change your settings, or synchronise data between your device and the central server.

    Settings Screen

    Note that the top menu may look slightly different depending on the device you are using.

    Top Menu

    Click on the menu (burger) icon to change your settings. The resulting screen will look like this:

    Menu Screen

    The status screen at the bottom of the page shows the time remaining before the application logs you out, and the version number of the application. When the countdown timer reaches 00h:00m:00s you will be asked to login again. All data captured on the device will be stored safely when you are not logged in and will be synchronised back to the central server when logged in again.

    Status Bar

    iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Browser Support

    The product is designed to work ‘cross-platform’. This means that you have the choice of using the Application on iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows Phone and in any web-browser.








     FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I find the serial number?
    The serial number of the unit will be displayed on the home page of the device. Alternatively, it can be found on the tablet itself, usually on the rear of the device.
    Can I use the tablet device to work offline?
    You can work offline. The tablet device does NOT need to be online, connected to the internet, to carry out surveys.

    Occasionally, internet access is required to authenticate (login) and to backup/sychronise data to the data centre.



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