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    Walsall Manor Hospital Retained Estate



    The retained Estate forms part of a wider PFI project at Walsall Manor Hospital, now ten years into a 25 year term. Oxhey Hall were appointed jointly by Skanska FS and Walsall NHS Healthcare Trust to independently survey and condition grade all major items of M&E plant across the estate. A key requirement was to comply with the NHS Risk Based Methodology.

    The first phase of this exercise involved a comprehensive M&E asset condition survey utilising our in-house ‘Aspect’ surveying software and team of experienced surveyors. Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, OHC harnessed the knowledge of the on-site team to ensure a comprehensive review of the site was undertaken, including any obsolescence, the designation of criticality of individual assets and locations.

    Health Care Journal

    We are delighted to feature in Health Estates Journal for our important work on this project.

    Oxhey Hall Consulting worked collaboratively with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and Skanska to produce a comprehensive NHS Risk adjusted backlog survey that provides multiple stakeholders with a dynamic web-based platform to help inform estates strategy.

    Key features of the article are:

    • OHC undertook a detailed condition survey using our ‘Aspect’ tablet software
    • Fully compliant with NHS Risk Adjusted Backlog Methodology
    • Working closely with all stakeholders to harness existing knowledge
    • Developed criticality conventions based on clinical need basis, amongst other factors
    • Forms the basis of a business focused maintenance approach
    • OHC Implemented a dynamic web-based capital planning model to help inform estates strategy
    • Access to the web-based model by key stakeholders to review, model and update
    • Dynamic data – not static data!
    • Easily interface with existing CAFM systems

    We are successfully implementing this innovative approach across several other NHS Trusts and in many of the other sectors that we work in.

    If you would like to find out any more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    “Not many good news stories so wanted to share a positive experience with Skanska FS at Walsall. Development of a backlog database and survey with our partners Oxhey Hall. The output is business intelligence which is accurate, meaningful and a vehicle to use as part of our day to day management and enable Estates Strategy. Thanks to all involved.”

    Steve Lawley

    Head of Estates, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

    The second phased involved developing a dynamic life-cycle model that provided full visibility of the estate from a very granular individual asset level up to various summary levels for management reporting. It also enabled all stakeholders to profile the estate in various ways, including against criticality, spend, clinical and non-clinical areas and many more. This level of reporting helps to inform estates strategy and prioritise capital spend within budgetary constraints. The model is web-based for real-time reporting and updating by authorised users.

    Read more about our work in the Health Sector.

    Walsall Manor Hospital Backlog Methodology

    • Number of Assets: 2,500 100% 100%
    • Number of Buildings: 6 100% 100%
    • Gross Internal Area: 40,000 m2 100% 100%
    • Programme: 2 Months 100% 100%

    Walsall NHS Healthcare Trust
    FM Provider
    Walsall Manor Hospital – Retained Estate
    M&E Major Plant asset condition survey and life cycle modelling fully compliant with the NHS Risk Based Methodology. Provision of web-based access to update and model assets.
    Using our ‘Aspect’ surveying software, experienced surveyors and software development team.

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